Life at Anguillara’s Cottage & Studio

The mundane in the middle of creativity: a cluttered kitchen


Reviewing Sketches


The below entries are full of rich memories that seem like another time. Living in a foreign country is constantly stressful. Nothing comes easy whether it is buying groceries, doing the laundry, or finding the UPS Office. All is different from the norm of my home country.  A week seems like a HUGE CHUNK OF TIME. Just as I got one pattern of living down in Rome I moved on to another in Anguillara. Rome was an exciting international city and I had just mastered its streets  and transit system! Now I am in the countryside living without a car.

I cave! I am an American!

I NEED a car!

Ann, my fellow resident, introduced me to the bus system today. That includes buying the ticket at the tobacco shop, finding the bus & squeezing into the bus.

123557-004-EB250E56It dropped us off at the Museo Nazionale Romano.

I made my way home after the museum closed at 8pm. The bus was full of men speaking Dutch! I put my umbrella into my carry all bag & it must of poked the Dutch man in front of me. He turned around sharply to see who was pinching him in the butt!

I ignored all responsibility!

I got off at what I hoped was my stop!

But once off the bus it did not look like right.

Victor Emmanuel Monument & the Plazza Venezia were not to be found!



A bit difficult to miss!

Fortunately I found my self at  Largo di Torre Argentina!


Where my favorite cat hangs out!

Sentinel 5

Sentinel 2

I can hear the cat thinking, “What! Again! You are lost Again & have found yourself miraculously here, AGAIN!”

So I slipped into the huge, corner bookstore & got a copy of La Grand Bellezza!






My Favorite Place For Coffee & Pastry

The Creative Life Includes Laundry!

I did 3 loads today & it took ALL day to do it!

Each load took the washing machine 2 hours to do!


Up date on Saturday night’s party with pics from Christopher








It is Saturday night. Electra, a ceramist who lives in Rome, has come to dinner.  Everyone has Daily LIfegathered in the kitchen between the gallery & the studios. The conversations veer between Italian & English; for I don’t speak Italian & Electra doesn’t speak English. But some how the good will & eloquent gestures includes everyone. Paulo is cooking a potatoes/fish stew served with a white wine. They have found a store that specializes in small wineries’ stock that they are just introducing to the market. The wine was light and refreshing! The stew was AMAZING!

The evening ends up on top of the building in a terrace that overlooks the city. Sadly my camera is being recharged.


Daily Life here is full of laughter & Italian. Paulo is giving ceramic lessons in the gallery. The  language’s lilting phrasing surrounds the space. The kitchen is between the gallery and the shared studio space.

We are located in the Jewish Quarter in an older building owned by the Polish Embassy. My living quarter is on the 4’Th floor. Here are photos from outside of my room’s window.

Rome outside of my window 21

My room overlooks an ongoing archeological dig of medieval ruins.

Here smoke is coming out of window.

Rome outside of my window smoke 17

Here are my friends at c.r.e.t.a rome!

You have already met the co-founders of c.r.e.t.a., Lori-Ann & Paulo!


Their laughter fills the studio with life.

You have met my fellow resident, Ann, who is busy with her ceramic show that is coming up soon!

The new guy in the photos is Christopher Pelley! 

He teaches drawing in Rome. Soon he will be heading out to China for an artist-in-residency there.

Here is one of hist installation videos.





Here I am with my fellow artist-in-resident,  Ann Primack, who is from Chicago!


I have settled in to life here at via dei Delfini.

A great group of folks have made me feel at home!

Lori-Ann & Pablo & Ciuffo run the residency.


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