Re-Organization Time!

I am struggling with the creative process!  On May 24, c.r.e.t.a. rome’s  gallery will open an exhibit of its current artists-in-residents. That includes me!  It seems like a good time to re-organize my blog to promote discussion about the creative process as I struggle to complete four large charcoal drawings along with drawings on ceramic slabs.

My daily experience in Italy can still be access by hitting the top navy/black button with horizontal white stripes. Those pages will share my life in Italy, my daily sketches, & my residency.

But here on my home page,  I’ll feature comments & questions about our creative process.     Included will be short interviews of guest artists will respond to the following  questions:

1. Describe your personal creative process & how you developed it?  (Sneaky for this is really 2 ?’s)

2. How did your creative process relate to your experience as a student?

3. As an older artist what would you tell yourself as a student?

Your responses will make for a dialogue!

So look for the opening comments tomorrow!

One thought on “Re-Organization Time!

  1. Hmm. My creative process. I’ve no shortage of inspiration. Even driving down the highway I tend to be thinking, though that usually has to do with things I want to write (either for school or escape). My artistic endeavors that don’t involve words generally involve beads. While I’ve always loved beads, and been enchanted by their shape, colors and the way they catch the light, it was only a few years ago it occurred to me that they look like scales. So I made a fish, and turned it into a necklace. I’ve since made butterflies and birds and flowers, taking inspiration from nature and incorporating natural objects as well.
    I hadn’t thought of it until you asked, but It may be my preference for an atypical form of artistic expression relates to negative experiences I had as a student. My teacher gave me bad grades for paintings that she felt didn’t have enough of the details of the paintings she was having us work from.
    If I could speak to the young me, I’d tell me not to listen to critics and to do what brings me joy – but also to have my eyes checked (I was extremely near-sighted and she should have caught that) 🙂


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