Anguillara, Italy

I have begun my 6 week stay at the cottage in Anguillare, Italy. It’s a lovely place with a working studio & 2 cats. Paolo drove me around the area today & got me oriented. Here is the view outside my kitchen window.

IMG_3861It’s about a 2 kilometers bike ride to the train station which costs 2.6 Euros to get to Rome.Tomorrow I will try out the trip to see a good friend of my brother. So my adventure with the map continues!

Not knowing the language, even on the internet, is constantly stressful. Not knowing little things or having everything more than a little bit different can be challenging.

But in the past month, every time that I have reached my maxed out level for stress, something or someone gave me a gift like the hairdresser below!

Anne & the hairdresserI had been lost in Rome’s winding streets until I finally found the lumber store tucked away next to the high end wedding shop! But a cool Brit who ran the  ultra cool gallery on the other side of the lumber store stated, “It’s closed. Until 3. You will simply have to wait.”

Frustrated with aching feet, I decided-Coffee! I need COFFEE! & dragged myself off to “simply wait.”

I passed a shop with ancient barrel vaults for doorways. The comfortable chairs beckoned me!  I thought, YES! When completely frazzled, get you hair cut by an Italian! He sang, he twirled the scissors like John Wayne & a six shooter. 45 minutes later I emerged, refreshed, happy & with the best hair cut I have ever had.

Sometime you close your eyes & “simply wait” & the best things happen!

3 thoughts on “Anguillara, Italy

  1. Annie,
    You sound so alive ……Italy is feeding you. I can taste it from your comments.


  2. I got fed up with feeling like an Olde English sheepdog last week, but couldn’t get a proper haircut because my dad was coming and I didn’t want to stress him out – dads take special care 🙂
    So I went into a salon after turning in my last set of reports for the semester, and said, “I need it out of my face. Do something with it.” The young lady was from Mongolia, and a delight. Great sense of humor. But she was just taking nips out of my hair, and I thought, ‘this isn’t going to work.’
    She knew what she was doing, because it is out of my face, still has it’s length and lost some of its weight so isn’t trying so hard to part in the middle. I like it so much I may not take a razor to it as soon as I see Mom and Dad on their way 🙂


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