A Sense of Place: Simple Things

I am surrounded by history layered back onto itself. But the business of everyday, Italian life fills the streets & plays itself out in the NOW of these stones.  Largo Argentina is one of the center stages of this contemporary drama in all it quirks.  In this place, a point in time & space where Caesar’s death played out its tragedy, the tram lines collect & deposit folks to & from work while Rome’s cats keep watch in the role of Contemporary Sentinels.

 Sentinel 3Sentinel 4Sentinel

3 thoughts on “A Sense of Place: Simple Things

  1. Anne – your post is beautifully, poetically written! Also, I’m glad you found some cats to draw even though you’re away from home. You used to say in class that you liked drawing your cat. 🙂


  2. The cats of Rome struck me as very self-possessed, much more secure than cats one sees wandering U.S. cities. The cats of Cluj Napoca, in Romania, seemed more feral. The dirtiest look I’ve ever received was from a cat in Cluj whom I had the nerve to address 🙂


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