My first week as an Artist-In-Resident at c.r.e.ta. rome

March 26, at 3:30am:

The 6-hour time change has played havoc with my sleep pattern. Ugh! Jet lag is a bear!

I have spent the past week roaming around where I live in the old Jewish section of Rome. I have found the grocery store & have had a wonderful meal at a local Kosher restaurant. I have a large blister on my toe as the reward for my wanderings.

The past week has been an emotional journey of settling into a new place. As I deported the plane in Rome I felt like a flat line as if I were disconnected from my own internal self.

The joy of anticipating the trip became the reality of experiencing a new place. I felt disoriented. Everything is new without any markers to process the stimulation.

I thought of my students’ first week in Savannah last fall.

I wanted to get going on my project. That’s why I am here! But my energy is taken up with finding where the grocery store is located & how to navigate the tiny winding cobble stone lanes that never go in a straight line!

Rome as a sense of place? My body of work for the Sabbatical Grant?

My answer is to draw as a means to visually connect to myself & my surroundings.

Right now it doesn’t matter what I draw, just so long as I am drawing.

Working is my connection, not the product.

Just draw!

2 thoughts on “My first week as an Artist-In-Resident at c.r.e.ta. rome

  1. International travel is fun! Remember, Change is Constant, Growth is Expected, Misery is Optional! I have to repeat it to myself over and over, especially when I travel. I am enjoying the trip and residency through you eyes!


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